Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Greetings fellow Dawgs fans. Many of you most likely remember Andrea "Pulpwood" Smith. He was Georgia's leading rusher in 1984, then he became an academic casualty and then became the subject of widely varied legends and speculations. I grew up with Pulpwood and played ball with him in Douglas for 6 years before he went to Georgia. He is the legend of legends at Coffee High School. Last week, a Douglas journalist, Robert Preston, tracked him down in Sandy Springs for an interview and an article that appeared in two parts Friday and Tuesday. Pulpwood's story is somewhat tragic, but he has a son in the 10th grade at Lovejoy High School who is reputedly a good student and great athlete. Let's hope that Pulpwood's son achieves the successes that could have been his so easily.


Monday night I wrote that the Dawgs lost because the football ain't round. However, there is another more plausible theory. In the fourth quarter, during one of the 10 minute TV timeouts, my Mom pointed out that the Suntrust Bank logo in the ad on our huge screen scoreboard was Auburn colors. Indeed, it was orange and blue. Then, to my horror, I noticed that the Cingular logo in the ad on our huge screen scoreboard was also orange and blue! WTF! Clearly these were bad omens, as articulately described by Kyle King last Wednesday. In a desperate effort to reverse the horrifying premonitions caused by the impossible revelation that two of the largest scoreboard sponsors at Sanford Stadium were using orange and blue (the two most reviled colors to all Dawgs), I looked everywhere for a red and black sponsor. The closest thing I spotted was a Coca Cola logo. It was only red and white with no black and was therefore insufficient to fully eradicate the insurmountable bad mojo caused by the offending Suntrust and Cingular logos. Dawgs lost by one little point. Can there be any more logical explanation why?

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