Monday, November 21, 2005


After an exciting weekend of CFB, this week's Top 25 gets shaken, but not stirred.

1. Southern Cal. Bush is unstoppable.
2. Texas at Austin. Shivering in shoes facing Frank-n-beans Aggies.
3. LSU. Can't go backwards after crushing Ole Miss.
4. Penn State. The Nittany wait and hope for some help like Florida got in 1996.
5. V.P.I. Nice recovery.
6. Notre Dame. They can prove it at the Fiesta.
7. Ohio State. They can prove it at the Fiesta.
8. Auburn. Still Rolling.
9. Oregon. Nice season, but still Ducks.
10. West Virginia. Last week in the Top 10?
11. Georgia. Last week out of the Top 10?
12. UCLA. Need Bush to get a high ankle sprain or sports hernia.
13. Miami. Sting!
14. Fresno State. Hell yeah I moved them up after a loss... a lot.
15. TCU. Tonsillitis Johnson would be proud.
16. Alabama. Still in triage.
17. Louisville. Two more blowouts on their schedule.
18. Wisconsin. I guess I like cheese.
19. Florida. One last chance to prove it.
20. Texas Tech. I guess OU was not back on track.
21. Georgia Tech. Yes, you get to leap frog lots of teams when you beat #3 on the road.
22. Clemson. Solid team. Another Bowden beats Spurrier. Only Jeff remains.
23. Iowa State. Like a tornado, only different.
24. Boston College. Didn't feel like moving them up. Probably should have. Oh well.
25. Michigan. So close, yet so far.

Assail away, if you wish.

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