Saturday, November 12, 2005


It is now Saturday morning in the Classic City and it is a perfect day at this hour (11:30 am). The town was packed last night with your usual busloads of beautiful women wearing less clothes than you would expect on a chilly November night. Not an altogether bad thing. We stayed among the swarms of people until late, catching up with some old friends.

Oh crap, I just saw Corso pick the Dawgs on Gameday. Now the Dawgs will have to overcome the Corse Curse. Dawg fans, get busy right now with any mojo rituals you may have and ritualize in earnest so that we may reverse this Corso Curse!

Anyway, back to Athens... the mood in town last night was cautiously optimistic. There was a somewhat reserved enthusiasm that I am certain will turn into unabashed pandemonium 12 hours from now if the Chapel Bell rings.

Now, since I am running out of time, I want to make a few predictions on the games in which I will have the most interest.

Navy-Notre Dame
I was born in 1966. Navy last beat Notre Dame in 1965 and they have played every year. Because I graduated USNA in 1988, I have a great interest in seeing this streak broken. Navy has gotten better since Paul Johnson came in 4 years ago, but Notre Dame has gotten much better since Charlie Weis came in 11 months ago. Notre Dame has much better talent top to bottom. Notre Dame has a third string that should beat Navy. Smart money says that Notre Dame is headed to a BCS berth, Navy is headed to another Commander-In-Chief Trophy. You know, one of these years, Navy will actually upset Notre Dame. I think I will pick Navy every year until this happens (if I live long enough.) Then, when it does happen, I can gloat and beat my chest and say "I picked it." Fortunately, this year Notre Dame is giving Navy 23 points. I will take the points and pick my Alma Mater to cover - at least.

South Carolina-Florida
All of the stars in the universe are aligned against Florida today. Florida lost several key starters in last week's marathon against pesky Vanderbilt. Florida has yet to master Urban Meyer's offense. The Evil One will coach against his beloved Mighty Gators with more incentive and desire to embarass them than he harbored for the Dawgs when he took his 1995 squad between the hedges and "hung 50" on the Dawgs. South Carolina has looked very good lately and have a tremendous freshman wide receiver named Rice (no relation.) South Carolina has gotten better each week this year and Blake Mitchell has grown into a dangerous quarterback under Spurrier. The Dawgs will benefit hugely if the Gamecocks eliminate the Gators from the eastern race. But, it was never supposed to be easy and the football is not round. The Gators will put the pressure on Georgia by beating USC and stealing the headlines scrolling through Darth Visors dreams. Florida is giving 4 points, take the Cocks to cover the 4, but the Gators will win. UF 20- USC 17.

Alabama is beat all to hell. LSU is healthy. Alabama's defense will scrap, but there will not be enough punch in the Bama offense. I want Bama to win and stay undefeated. I will pull hard for them. Bama's biggest advantage is that Les Miles is coaching on the other side. When I saw him trying to call that time out against UT after an interception close to the end of regulation, I knew that he was no Saban. Still, LSU overcomes this obstacle and covers the 3 point spread. LSU 20-Alabama 13.

I am running out of time to post this before USC-UF kick off. I am glad Shockley is back. If he will throw to Pope, the Dawgs will win. Having our defense back helps us slow down the run. Go you hairy Dawgs!
UGA 23-Auburn 17.

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