Monday, November 21, 2005


A brief spin around the blogosphere reveals much nerd-baiting. Doug, at Hey Jenny Slater, doesn't like Tech very much, but in a polite kind of way. Doug conducts a civil Q&A exchange with Nathan at Golden Tornado - a kind of touching of the gloves before the first bell.

Paul Westerdawg writes a fascinating "where are they now" expose on Tech's first Flag Boy, the Shannon Faulkner of "The Long Piss-Yellow Line." Paul also preempted the Techies by making the case for Chan Gailey as National Coach of the Year. He makes some salient points, so please check it out.

And things are looking awfully anti-piss-yellow over at the Anti-Orange page.

If you forget why you hate Tech so much, then just go lurk at The Hive for a few minutes and it all comes back to you in short order.

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