Thursday, November 10, 2005


I will be at the usual spot on Hull Street across from the Holiday Inn.

These are the boys I am calling out: Drew Tanner, Rob Walton, Tiffany Walton (not a boy, but hangs with us anyway), Andrew Rothschild, Whit Yates, Cale Conley, Andy Broderick, Tom Lacy, Rob Thompson, Dave Wilkins, Marshal Wellborn, John Martin, Charlie Minter, Larry Forth, Bill Buhay (actually an Aubie, but good people anyway). If any of you are in the Classic City and fail to grace us with your presence, consider yourself on Double Secret Probation! I will add to this list I am sure.

Friends, it is going to be a long day of bouncing from the tailgate to the Holiday Inn and back tryng to keep up with USC-UF, UA-LSU, drinking some cold ones and checking out all of the gorgeous Georgia women. Let's GATA early and often.


Kyle King said...

It's a small world, after all!

Hamp, your name came up in conversation at the Henry County Bar Association meeting last week, when the newest associate at Smith, Welch & Brittain asked me if I knew you.

Your brother, Drew, and I graduated together in the Joseph Henry Lumpkin School of Law Class of 1997, along with Tom Lacy. (Because of alphabetical association, Tom and I were parked next to one another in a couple of classes.)

I knew Cale Conley through mutual friends while we were in law school and one of my fellow alumni of the Phi Kappa Literary Society, J.R. Parker, worked with Cale for a while after getting out of Harvard Law School.

It was good hearing from you and I'll be talking you up at Kyle on Football. Tell the fellows I said hello. I won't be in town for the Auburn game, but, if any of y'all are going to be around for the Kentucky game, let me know.


Hunker Down said...


Regarding my name coming up at your recent Bar meeting, "I didn't do it!" Who is the new associate you mention?

Since you know Drew, surely you recognized him from the picture in the post. It is from high school, but he hasn't changed much.

Lacy is doing well. He recently married way up, like me, so I can respect that. And Conley is now a father. Cale is a great candidate to author a blog because that boy is quite the cunning linguist.

Anyway, thanks for saying hello. Sorry you will not be in the Classic City Saturday, but we will try to represent on your behalf. I will post a gameday report Saturday am to describe the mood and if there is a discernible vibe in the air. Like you, I will be keeping a sharp eye out for good omens.

Have a great weekend.

Kyle King said...

I knew you were going to ask me about the guy's name! I hate to admit it (particularly in a public forum), but it was the first time I'd met him and his name escapes me at the moment.

He just went to work at Smith, Welch & Brittain after graduating from law school at Georgia State. Before that, he worked as a stockbroker.

When it came up in conversation that I was at Georgia in the mid-'90s, he asked if I knew a Hamp Tanner who went to law school at Georgia the same time I did who had graduated from the Naval Academy. I told him I graduated with a Tanner who had gone to the Naval Academy, but I could've sworn he went by Drew. At next month's bar meeting, I'll be sure to clear up the confusion for him.

Tell Cale, Tom, and Drew hello for me. In particular, pass along my congratulations on their recent successes, of which I had been unaware.

In case you haven't seen it yet, I tried to throw a few good vibes your way in my latest posting.