Friday, November 25, 2005


This will be my last post of the weekend because I am heading to a technological vacuum at the in-law's house in Thomaston, Georgia today.

I am picking Georgia to win this game because good should triumph over evil. Also, because DJ Shockley is playing exceedingly well right now and I expect sharp execution from our offense in this rivalry game. Sure Tech has a fast and talented defense that played terrific against Miami. However, I have not been impressed with Miami's offense at all this season. They are particularly weak at quarterback. I am also not placing too much weight on DJ's performance off the bench last year against Tech. Instead, I Iexpect to see Georgia attack with a well-balanced approach with comparable yards on the ground and in the air. Probably 200 + 200. I know this is 100 yards more than the Tech defense has given up on average this year. But I am feeling a solid performance from our offense similar to the Auburn game.

Tech's offense will move the ball with Calvin Johnson getting his catches and Reggie Ball running out of trouble on occasion. Tech may even have a fair amount of success attacking the middle of our defense with the walking wounded we have playing there. Yet, Tech will not get in the end zone enough and their kicker will not save them.

Final Score: Georgia 27-Tech 17.

GO DAWGS, GATA and GATA some more.

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paulwesterdawg said...

bless your heart. my family was sentenced to two years of living in Thomaston by my father's former employer.

It's the town that progress forgot.