Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Since I think my mom is counted among the 3 to 4 devoted readers of my blog, and since it is cheaper than a phone call, I want to let her know that I will be bringing a smoked boston butt to pick and pull Wednesday night.

I have an awesome electric smoker made by some good people in Ponca City, Oklahoma. The Cookshack Smokette. The picture shows the set up I have. It is the perfect size for smoking 3 racks of babybacks, a 20 lb turkey, or, in this case, two 4 lb boston butts.

I rubbed two butts tonight and neither was my wife's! They are now cooling it in the fridge overnight and will hit the Smokette at 7:00 am with two chunks of hickory. I will smoke them for 10 hours at 225 degrees and pull them out just in time to load the car and head to my hometown of Douglas, Georgia for my favorite holiday.

Did you know that a boston butt is not from the ass end of a pig? Nope. It is cut from the shoulder. Why then, did it acquire the almost unsavory name "Butt?" I don't know the answer, but virtually everything else you would ever want to know about pork butt is located at this link. In fact, this link is to pork butt, what Kyle King is to statistical analysis of Georgia Football.

When the whole thing is done, hopefully it will look something like this picture. Moist and tender and full of hickory flavor and maybe dabbed with some Johnny Harris Bar-B-Cue Sauce. Yep. I think this will go down well with a Budweiser Select or two.


Kyle King said...

That looks like some good eating!

I say that as a man who, earlier this football season, was sitting outside Shane's Rib Shack with three of my buddies when the proprietor came over and gave us a free plate of ribs because (as he put it) we looked to him like we knew good barbecue.

I send my best wishes for a healthy and happy Thanksgiving to the entire Tanner family.

Will you be taking the Hunker Down from Amelia Island, through the Panama Canal (or around the tip of Tierra del Fuego), and up to San Diego for Navy's bowl game?

Hunker Down said...

I will get back to you on the outcome of the barbecue.

Regarding the Hunker Down, she may not negotiate the "Land of Fire" as well as Magellan's fleet, so I think I will use a somewhat speedier mode of travel if I can make the game. I still have many Navy buddies on the left coast and who can resist a town named for a whale's vagina. (Ron Burgundy, Anchorman)

John Tanner said...


JoeyJoJoJo said...

Mmmmm......pork butt.....that looks delicious!! I just separated from the Navy in September and am now speaking as a poor college student. What I wouldn't give for some fine Navy chow right about now! I like your site, keep with it!