Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Did France surrender yet?

I like Gindy's daily updates.

For a great lesson in irony, check out this commentary from an Isreali soldier.

I think the Moops are winning, even though car burnings were down by a few dozen last night.


John Tanner said...

French government meets today and unanimously adopts a new flag, which is all white.
Chirak praises move as being economical, as well as in keeping with French traditions and military courage and prowess. He was even more proud that this was done without any money from Saddam Hussein.

John Tanner said...

This news flash just in from the Democratic national headquarters....
Howard Dean extremely miffed about France adopting the white flag, because he wanted to adopt the white flag for the US.
He feels that the Democratic party will regain power and implement their cut and run policy from all conflicts!!