Friday, November 18, 2005


Thanksgiving is still 5 days away, but for the Georgia Bulldog offense, the feast will begin at about 12:35 Saturday afternoon. Dawgs fans, tune in early because the Shock and Awe offense will explode in a barrage of points not seen by Georgia fans since... well, last year's feast on Kentucky when the Red Clay Hounds amassed 62 points on the Cats.

Once again this week, Mayor Kyle King shows that he is to statistical analysis what Chris Farley was to subtle humor. Kyle is to statistical analysis what Keith Richards was to moderate drug use. Kyle is to statistical analysis what the Internal Revenue Code is to a few rules about taxation. One more... Kyle is to statistical analysis what Louis Farrakhan is to just another guy not making any sense. (We should have a contest.)

Anyway, Kyle shows by an overwhelming preponderance of data that there truly is no d in Wil_cats. This fact coupled with the impressive play of DJ Shockley in his first game back from injury, inspires me to predict that the Dawgs will score 40 in the first half. You may murmur all you like. Murmur, murmur, murmur. (Thank you Dr. Hfuhruhurr.) I believe that The Dawgs will take the field with one thing on their minds - to have fun. This will translate into near flawless execution throughout the first half and a cavalcade of touchdowns. This will be the game that Coutu scores 13 points, but only nails two field goals. The Dawgs will do as much damage on the ground as they do through the air and Thomas Brown will have his best game of his career. Yes, indeed, the Dawgs will feast on the Cats again and I will enjoy not being tied in knots for 3.5 hours for a change.

Dawgs 55 - UK 17

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