Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Just getting started. A mere neophyte in the blaw...

Just getting started.

A mere neophyte in the blawgosphere.

After reading such enlightened college football bloggers as:

I'm A Realist

T. Kyle King


Georgia Sports Blog

The Drizzle

I have decided to place my opinions and observations on display for all to ridicule and assail. Hopefully I will figure out how this Blogging deal works and will bore the living shit out of some losers who have no life, but tire of watching NHL recaps on ESPNnews and turn to the blogosphere for a daily dose of mindless, trance-inducing drivel.

My views on the annual renewal of the south's oldest football rivalry will be posted Wednesday night.

By the way, do chicks dig bloggers?


paulwesterdawg said...

thanks for the link. Good luck with the blog.

paulwesterdawg said...

Oh...recommendation....use Blogger.com's feature in the settings area under "Comments" that requires word verification. It will look similar to the way my comments feature works.

Otherwise, you'll get automated blog spam in your comments field every time you post a message.

Hunker Down said...

Thanks for the tip on the word verification. And thanks for wishing me luck. Hopefully this blog will not take over my life. It should be fun. Go Dawgs!

I'm a Realist said...

Welcome to the party. Beer's in the fridge.