Thursday, November 17, 2005


In order to overcome erroneous preconceived notions and to avoid placing too much weight on preseason rankings, The Hunker Down Dawg Blog CFB Poll will debut on November 17. Or, it could be because their was no Hunker Down Dawg Blog until November 8. At any rate, and to the extent that anyone cares, here is how I see the Top 25...

1. Southern Cal. Until further notice.
2. Texas at Austin. I hope they wear all white in Pasadena.
3. The U of Miami. The VPI win was huge.
4. LSU. Wins over Bama, Auburn, Florida narrowly edges PSU wins.
5. Penn State. Wins over OSU, Wisconsin, Minnesota.
6. V.P.I. Looked great in every win, but bad in loss.
7. Alabama. Looked good to great in most wins and good in only loss.
8. Notre Dame. Best 2 loss team. Will finish with no more losses.
9. Ohio State. Can make a strong statement with win over Michigan.
10. Oregon. Best of the rest of the 1 loss teams?
11. Auburn. Rolling into game against Tide.
12. West Virginia. I don't know how good they are, but will soon find out.
13. Georgia. It is all fun from here on out. Fireworks the next two weeks.
14. UCLA. Looked soooo good and then soooo bad.
15. Michigan. Will move up if they can beat OSU.
16. Texas Christian. Close wins over weak teams.
17. Fresno State. Upset minded? Forget about it.
18. Louisville. Up and down, but dangerous.
19. Wisconsin. Back to back losses.
20. South Carolina. Can they smoke Clemson?
21. Florida. Smarting from loss to USC, but a good 3 loss team.
22. Minnesota. Need a quality win.
23. Iowa State. Why am I the only one who likes this team?
24. Boston College. May not beat Maryland.
25. Clemson. Can solidify position as 3rd strongest team from ACC with win over USC.

Well, there it is. Feel free to cast ridicule at will.

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