Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I could say that I have hidden under the bed for the past three days afraid of what lay in the wake of losing to South Carolina. Or maybe I could say that I was kidnapped by Gamecock fans and waterboarded and made to do naked pyramids with other detainees. But truthfully, from the moment that the game ended, I have been on the go without a break. Had a 7:00 am flight out of Atlanta to Philadelphia Sunday morning. Had to be in Atlantic City from Sunday to Tuesday afternoon. I am now in Philadelphia and will fly home Wednesday morning. I have worked 12 hour days and frankly, I was not in the mood to read about the game and it's aftermath. Now, I have my nerve up and will try to get caught up.

At this point, the low points of the game have been beaten to death around the Dawgosphere and I don't feel like echoing all of the other guys since it is time to move forward. Before we do, I will simply add the following...I hope that the SC defense is better than we thought or it means that our offense is not as potent as we thought after the OSU game. Obviously the dropped passes in the second half were the killer. But, we were off a beat in every phase of the game and I have a hunch that most of that was directly caused by SC having better-than-advertised talent, an excellent defensive game plan and good execution. I think the rest was caused by our youth and inexperience and a little bit of blame goes to a slight case of overconfidence.

Having been in the Garden State since shortly after the game, I have not had the opportunity to watch the replay so I only know what I saw from Section 127, Row 53, Seat 13. Anyway, I only want to give out one Game Ball...


Knowshon Moreno - My only game ball from the SC game goes to Knowshon Moreno for his hustle on every play he was on the field. Although he had a few good runs and was right there on the wheel route for what should have been a huge TD had the ball been on target, I was most impressed with his hustle. He was running to the huddle, from the huddle, bouncing up from tackles and just overall hustling the way you are supposed to but players just don't do any more. I like that. A LOT. He gets a game ball!

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