Monday, September 17, 2007

GAME BALLS - Western Carolina

OFFENSE - Demiko Goodman. To see Demiko, back from his knee injury, go across the middle knowing he would get crushed and reach out for the ball was a thing of beauty. No alligator arms there. Then he followed it up with a great diving grab in the end zone on a go route. Demiko showed that he wants more playing time and I say give it to him.

DEFENSE - Akeem Dent. The redshirt freshman got his first start and responded by leading the team with 6 tackles. Replacing Brandon Miller also inspired the senior to respond with 6 tackles of his part. This move worked on both counts, so way to go CWM.

SPECIAL TEAMS - Brandon Miller. While we allowed some long kickoff returns, Brandon Miller hustled and made three tackles on kick coverage. Miller needed to show that he wanted to be on the field and his special teams play contributed to this statement.

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