Friday, September 21, 2007


Because I flipped a coin and it landed Georgia's favor. Very scientific. Actually, I see these two teams so evenly matched that I truly feel that Georgia could definitely win this game and they can definitely lose this game. Of course, that is always the case. Especially when you are coming off of a season in which Vanderbilt and Kentucky beat you. However, from a purely prognostication standpoint, I normally get a feel for one team being better than the other and barring bad luck or bad execution, that team should win. In this case, I cannot state with any confidence that either team is better than the other. Both have strengths and weaknesses and both have sufficient intangibles to weigh in their favor.

On offense, I think that the slight edge goes to Alabama because they have a competent quarterback with proven receivers and emerging runners behind an experienced offensive line. On the contrary, Georgia has emerging stars at Quarterback and running back (Knowshon Moreno) and sufficient capable, but unpredictably inconsistent receivers trying to execute with an inexperienced o-line with loads of potential. I like our balance and play calling, but Alabama showed great balance in their win over Arkansas. For our offense to get it done Saturday night, our receivers need to dress out with their sticky hands and leave their Jokari paddle hands in the dressing room. We also must not lose the turnover battle.

On defense, I think that a slight edge belongs to Georgia. While it is close, I think our front seven are a smidge better than their front seven. Our guys will need to play fast, as they are capable of doing, and tackle well. In the backfield, I see it mostly even. The presence of Simeon Castille probably gives Bama a slight edge there. If the Dawgs can mount a good pass rush, it will help our d-backs immensely. Conversely, if our o-line can give Stafford time, he will make good throws and neutralize any slight advantage Bama might have here. In toto, I give the edge on defense to Georgia, ever so slightly.

Special teams... our kickers should be better, their kick return team is better and our punt returner is probably better. I am giving Georgia a tiny advantage here. How tiny? How about one point. As in the one point needed to win on a late Brandon Coutu field goal!

I am expecting to see a big game from Knowshon Moreno, Mohammed Massoquoi and Tripp Chandler on offense and Kelin Johnson, Danell Ellerbe and Roderick Battle on defense. In the end, Coutu will be our hero, a la Billy Bennett 2002. DAWGS 27 - TIDE 26.


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