Thursday, September 13, 2007


Tonight, Thursday night, I am watching WVU run roughshod over Maryland and wondering how the hell Ralph Friedgen can be so huge and not do a damn thing about it. Come on Fridge, lay off the seconds and thirds.

Anyway, the ticker at the bottom is running and highlighting the NCAA football games coming up this weekend and they have a brief blurb about each game. When they got to #23 Georgia vs. Western Carolina, the blurb simply said, "Georgia has allowed 30 points in the first two games this season." WTF? That is a true enough statement, but what is the point? It is not illustrating especially good defense, nor is it illustrating poor defense. It is actually better than average defense, but it certainly is not noteworthy. So why zero in on this completely neutral statistic? Why not say, "Georgia plays eleven men on both offense and defense." Or, "Georgia plays on natural green grass at home games."

Evidently, the person in charge of coming up with supposedly interesting snippets about each game was under tremendous deadline pressure and just came up with this exceedingly plain and obvious stat. Maybe the Worldwide leader needs a little competition.

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