Friday, September 07, 2007


While I did not expect Navy to pull an upset tonight, I was disappointed in the two interceptions thrown in the end zone that killed two Navy drives when points were imminent. Despite those gaffes, Navy kept it competitive when they could have folded being down 17 at the half. With how Rutgers is playing, that is an accomplishment.

I thought it was dumb for Schiano to keep Ray Rice in the game into the late minutes when Rutgers scored their final touchdown. I certainly did not view it as running up the score, but just an unwarranted risk to his star player who had already achieved over 150 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns. I suspect he did it to pad Rice's stats for his Heisman candidacy. Still a dumb decision. Remember Alabama's Tyrone Prothro? (Actually, this is a great little video and it does not show the gruesome injury. But, note that the score was 31-3 in the 4th quarter.)

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