Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A little slow getting these out, but here they are...

Offense - Thomas Brown. Thomas was fighting like a champion all night. I was seated in the ionosphere and I could sense his extraordinary effort level even from the clouds. He was clearly the leader of our team and his experience and non-stop superlative effort was contagious to the younger guys. Thomas had 74 yards rushing, 39 yards receiving and a total of 181 all-purpose yards and our first touchdown. His kick returns were fearless and more importantly, he took what was there and didn't try to get fancy. We started beyond our 30 yard line almost every time. Knowshon Moreno also had an impressive night, and I can't help but think that having Thomas Brown as his mentor has made him a better player. Those two make a great tandem and watching them is a pleasure.

Defense - This is a group award for the entire secondary for blanketing Alabama's talented receivers and breaking up more passes than I can ever remember seeing from a Georgia team. Prince Miller batted away two third down passes in the second half. The play by Reshad Jones running stride for stride with a Bama receiver on a deep ball and then elevating with precise timing to reach out and knock the ball away was pure poetry. It was so beautiful that the referees couldn't even throw a flag on the play. In overtime, Asher Allen stepped in front of the Bama receiver on their third down attempt and batted the ball away, forcing Bama to settle for the field goal. I may have missed one, but those are the four that I clearly recall. Great job guys, keep up the good work.

Special Teams - Mikey Henderson had two nice punt returns in the second half that gave us the ball near midfield. Unfortunately, we were not able to capitalize on either possession, but his returns are always electrifying as he is a threat to score on every return. He will take one to the house very soon. Maybe even this week against Ole Miss.

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