Friday, September 07, 2007


This season, I am in a pool with some friends in which we pick a number of games (against the line) each week. I thought I would share my picks here, but do not have time to give any rationale - so assume I broke these games down in Kyle King fashion...

Nebraska covers -8 vs Wake Forest - Nope
Virginia covers -17 vs Duke - Nope
Oklahoma covers -10.5 vs Miami - Yep
Alabama covers -3.5 vs Vandy - Yep
Colorado State covers +14 vs California - Yep
BC covers -14 vs NC State - Yep
Oregon covers +8.5 vs Michigan - Yep
Boise State covers -2.5 vs Washington - Nope
Georgia covers -5.5 vs South Carolina - Nope
Ole Miss covers +6 vs Missouri - Nope
Penn State covers -17.5 vs Notre Dame (poor Jimmy Clausen) - Yep
Tennessee covers -11 vs Southern Miss - Yep
Auburn covers -7 vs South Florida - Nope
LSU covers -12.5 vs Va Tech - Yep

And that is how I picked them this week. Last week I was 7-7. So not too good.

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