Sunday, September 16, 2007


FLORIDA... damn. Just damn. They made Tennessee look like Western Kentucky. Or, to put it another way, they made Tennessee look less competitive than Troy. Every pass Tebow throws is caught. How does that work? Is it even legal or fair that their receivers actually catch the ball? Their defense is good now and will get better and better. This will not be good for us. Unless... Tebow breaks a leg or something. But, since his skeleton is made of space-age titanium and other top-secret NASA materials, it isn't likely. Still, with his fearless nature and the fact that he will run the ball frequently, he is at some elevated risk. And, so are the linebackers and d-backs that try to tackle that Rhino. At this point, I have no idea how we can keep it close against them - but it is a long season and we expect to get better between now and then... so we will see.

NOTRE DAME - This has to be the worst Notre Dame team in history. It is definitely the worst Notre Dame team I can remember in my 41 years. No offensive touchdowns in three games. And Charlie Weis is supposed to be an offensive genius? Could this be the year my NAVY squad beats ND? Probably not because we are not as good as we have been the past 2 or 3 years. But... we will see.

AUBURN - Things are going poorly over on the Plains. How hot is Tuberville's seat going to get if they don't turn it around quickly?

KENTUCKY - I was happy to see the Wildcats beat Louisville. After witnessing the futility of the Louisville defense against Middle Tennessee last week, I counted them out of the Top 10, but still did not expect UK to beat them. Good job Cats. Now, we have these guys to worry about AGAIN!

LSU - So MTSU scores 42 on then Top 10 Louisville and looked pretty good doing it. Then LSU pitches a shutout against them. LSU has yielded 7 points in 3 games. That is scary good. The LSU-UF game looming three weeks down the road should be colossal. This assumes that LSU doesn't step on their weenie against South Carolina this week.

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