Wednesday, September 05, 2007


This is a great 7 minute montage from a field-level camera which provides a much different view than you normally see. Check it out and freeze the video at the 6:26 mark to see Thomas Brown freight train #6 at the goal line. #6 was also the player that lost his jock on one of Knowshon's first spin moves - which you can also see in this montage.

Two things I love that happened on the Bruce Figgins TD: (1) Stafford carried out a great play fake and hid the ball well - which you can see from this angle; and (2) MoMass blocked his man into the hedges, which opened the way for Big Bruce to bowl into the end zone. Those little things make big differences in execution and I hope we can expect to see that consistently from this group. If so, the SECCG is a real possibility.

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