Friday, September 14, 2007

and HERE IS WHY...

Because it is Western Carolina and thankfully, not Appalachian State. Georgia needs to come out and execute their offense efficiently to generate some confidence and momentum heading into next week's Tilt in Tuscaloosa. Our young line needs to work hard to improve both pass protection and run blocking. Stafford needs to hit a few deep balls. Our receivers need to catch everything. Our running backs need to get into space and make some big gains. On defense, we need to play fast and aggressive and shut down the Catamounts all day. We need to play in the Western Carolina backfield all day and sack the quarterback at least 6 times. We also need to force turnovers.

This is our last chance to polish up our game before we spend three out of four weeks in the conference, on the road at Alabama, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. The is the last chance to work out any kinks and we need to take advantage of it.

I think Moreno will have an enormous day and I hope to see us throwing the ball to MoMass a lot more than we have in the first two games. I also expect to see domination by our d-line. I hope to see improvement from our linebackers - getting off blocks, covering backs out of the backfield and sure tackling.

My prediction: Georgia 55 - Western Carolina 10 (though I would love to see a shutout)

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