Thursday, September 06, 2007


Not so fast, my friend. I do not intend to create a Top 20 until after 4 weeks of football. To do otherwise is utter futility and can lead to extreme embarrassment. It could also be because I am being lazy, but really it is a matter of principle. I will however name the Top several teams in no particular order... Florida, USC, West Virginia, LSU, Oklahoma, Wisconsin. As I did last year, I will probably rank the reigning National Champs #1 until they lose, if they lose. With Florida, I know they are loaded with talent and will be well coached, so they will have another great season. They will not remain unbeaten for 14 games, but they will hold my top spot until somebody knocks them off the pedestal.

One more note, here is my explanation from last year for doing only a TOP 20...

I remember back in the good old days, before ESPN dictated the media presentation of college football to the masses, when we had only a "Top 20" not a "Top 25." In that spirit, I present my "Top 20" and therefore I will not be burdened with choosing 5 more teams that none of you really care about anyway.

Tell me it really matters.

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