Friday, September 16, 2011

Kiss My Ass, Kick My Ass, Kick Your Ass, Season 2, Volume 3

Kiss My Ass - Penn Wagers. Naturally, SEC Referee Penn Wagers, often recognized as the worst referee in all of college football, could occupy this slot every week either for past transgressions or as a proactive measure against future transgressions, you know, to beat the rush. The latest specific reason that lands Penn Wagers on this list is that he or one of the refs on his crew called pass interference on Jordan Love on a critical 3rd and long play in the fourth quarter, after which South Carolina drove down to score a touchdown. It really doesn't matter to me if it was or was not Wagers who threw the flag. I will hold him responsible anyway. And I will feel that yet again, we were "Wagered" which is like getting "f#cked" but much worse. This was not a horrendous call, but it could have easily been a no call. From my vantage point, there wasn't any contact before the ball arrived, but I haven't seen a replay. My point is simply this... when Penn Wagers is on the field, Georgia ain't getting any calls, ever! And for that reason, Penn Wagers can always Kiss My Ass!

How bad do you suppose it is for Coach Richt to gets this angry?
(this was from 2008 by the way)

Want to bet on whether this take-down was called?

Kick My Ass - Melvin Ingram.
Any 276 pound beast that Brandon Boykin is afraid to tackle, is someone that I also will prefer to avoid... especially when he is steaming downhill at about 4.6 seconds per every 40 yards. Most assuredly, Melvin Ingram can Kick My Ass!

Can't make a shoestring tackle when the laces are taped down.

Kick Your Ass - Overzealous campus cops.
This is rare, so mark it down, but I am coming to the defense of a Gator and to lots of Dawgs. As you have probably heard, Gator linebacker Dee Finley, after being stopped for driving his scooter around a barricade with a suspended license was also cited for felony resisting arrest with violence apparently because, while straddling a scooter, he turned to face an officer. The charge has since been reduced to a misdemeanor and will undoubtedly be dropped altogether soon enough. On the UGA campus, prior to the most recent off-season, we could count on countless arrests for the most minor and petty scooter violations, including, but not limited to "emerging from an alley," whatever that is, and for failure to give a middle name. At the Naval Academy, we called them Jimmy Legs, but they were not armed and were typically old and slow. If you couldn't outrun the Jimmy Legs, you deserved to be caught and punished for whatever illegality you perpetrated, like driving on campus as an underclassmen, for example. My business partner relates a story from his days at Oklahoma State in which he and some buddies were accosted by a campus policeman who stated, "All you boys do is go around stepping on your dicks with golf shoes on." That last part wasn't 100% relevant, but I like it anyway. The point is, all too often, campus police seem to go out of their way to create trouble for students and student-athletes. In this post, I propose that there be a national day of role reversal at which time all of the students and student-athletes get to spend the whole day Kicking The Asses of the campus gestapo.

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Now a days. young adult are engaged to a violent actions.. if there team lose. they want it to be win. that's why they cannot control their temper.. Amanda Vanderpool