Friday, September 09, 2011

Kiss My Ass, Kick My Ass, Kick Your Ass, Season 2, Volume 2

Kiss My Ass - Steve Spurrier's Discpline Policy. In Spurrier's world, if you screw up in the off-season, you just might get suspended from the team during the early summer. But even if you have been suspended 5 times, you will be reinstated the day practices start back up. Now, screw up during the season and you might get the treatment below! Yeah, Spurrier's Discipline Policy and SOS himself can both Kiss My Ass!

Kick My Ass - Herschel Walker. This one is a little too obvious, and I didn't need to see the ESPNU Special SEC Storied program on Herschel to remind me. I don't need to see his two MMA fights to remind me. I don't need to watch highlights of all of his long TD runs to remind me. But based on the fact that he kicked the ass of every one of the 2011 Georgia Bulldogs in a private workout this summer (at least all of those that weren't too much of a prima donna to get out of bed for the workout) and due to the fact that he is still 210 pounds of chiseled mass with less than 3% body fat who has a super-hero alter ego... there is no other possible outcome. Herschel Walker can Kick My Ass.

Kick Your Ass - Al Qaeda. With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming this Sunday, is there any doubt about whose ass needs to continue to get kicked? Osama Bin Laden, your ass is dead! Atiyah Abd al Rahman... dead! Keep coming at us, we will keep killing you and your leaders. We will never forget. As long as radical Islamic terrorists are attempting to destroy our way of life, we will continue to Kick Your Ass!


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Amanda said...

Oh! why there is a picture of September 1 bombing? what's the connection of that game? amanda vanderpool fashion