Friday, September 23, 2011

How Will We Score 45 on Ole Miss?

If I am wrong on this game being a huge UGA blowout, I may stop blogging! Or at a minimum, I will stop predicting how 18, 19 and 20 year olds will perform on any given Saturday. I have convinced myself that the Dawgs will score 45 points in Oxford. Here is how... (I understand that this is pure fantasy, but just play along and let's see what happens tomorrow and if I got anything right)

1st Quarter:

A well-scripted first possession mixing runs with Crowell and play-action passing. Bruce Figgins scores on a FB screen from the 20 yard line. 7 points.

A nice punt return sets us up in excellent field position. First play is a pass to Crowell out of the backfield to get inside the 10 yard line. Then we run 3 straight times with Crowell getting across on the third attempt. 14 points.

2nd Quarter:

Our defense creates a turnover in Ole Miss territory. We come out in the no huddle and after a couple of short passes and a couple of runs, we hit Tavarres King on a corner route for the TD. 21 points.

After Ole Miss mounts a drive, they flip the field and punt us deep in our own territory. We respond with a 90 yard drive on 10 plays with Crowell scoring from about 6 or 7 yards out. 28 points.

Late in the half, we start with pretty good field position with less than a minute on the clock. No huddle. Quickly strike down the middle with Orson Charles to get us to the 20 yard line. Three plays later, we are forced to kick a field goal as the half expires. 31 points.

3rd Quarter:

On our first possession we stay mostly on the ground with Crowell and Carlton Thomas even has a nice run. Then on play-action, we hit Aron White for his first TD of 2011. 38 points.

4th Quarter:

Brandon Boykin jumps an out route at midfield and returns it for a TD. 45 points.

See how easy that was. Also, notice how semi-boring the second half was. Who knows, just to keep it interesting, maybe we will score more than 45.

I believe Crowell will go for about 130 yard rushing and 50 yards receiving.
Murray will go over 200 yards passing and will complete around 24 passes to 10 different guys.

Go Dawgs! GATA!


namaman said...

I like the way you think! I certainly hope it plays out like you have predicted. It is a little chilly here in Tupelo this morning as we prepare to hit the road, but I am sure it will be beautiful by game time... GOOOOO DAWGS!

Amanda said...

Ole Miss scored very well. as far as i know he's a player to be watch for.. amanda vanderpool fashion

Amanda said...

Ole Miss scored very well. as far as i know he's a player to be watch for.. amanda vanderpool fashion