Thursday, September 08, 2011

Gamesmanship or Insanity?

Gamesmanship or Insanity?

All this talk about the no-huddle, no-hurry, shotgun formation offense either represents a mild attempt at gamesmanship or utter insanity. If I was a coach I would do more of what works and less of what fails. Sounds pretty obvious right. And if my job was in jeopardy, I would double or triple down on the successful stuff. So the mere fact that Coach Bobo has indicated that Georgia will be sticking with its wildly unsuccessful no-huddle, no-hurry offense, to make any sense at all, must be a ruse attempting to get South Carolina to devote at least a little bit of time paying attention to it in practice and in chalk talks. But, if they must give it another shot and they must do it in this crucial game with South Carolina, please convince us that you are not insane and abandon it early enough for us to remain in the game if it proves as disastrous as it was in the Boise State game.

Update: You know when would be a really good time to work the kinks out of the no-huddle, no-hurry offense? September 17 against Coastal Carolina.

Also, the hubbub over Crowell and Branden Smith both wearing jersey #1, so they can't be on offense at the same time should be another attempt at playing coy. Surely we would want to get Branden Smith on offense if his foot is healed. This is especially true for the South Carolina game since he had the 60 yard TD run against them in 2009 and if nothing else, he would be a perfect decoy. If Crowell is an offensive weapon and because Branden Smith is potential explosive when on offense, only a buffoon would not figure out a solution to the two #1's dilemma. I can see the value in stating publicly that there is no solution, but only if you actually have a solution. In which case saying the opposite could create some doubt for the opposition. Or, in the alternative, if in fact there is no solution, then why not say "We have plans to use them both on offense at the same time despite the jersey dilemma." See how this works? Here is a video that may explain the strategy better than I can. (could not embed, damnit, but I promise the time spent going to this video will be well worth it) Do you suppose that something like this is going on in Bobo's brain? Pure battle of wits!

That is all. Thank you.

Go Dawgs! GATA!


dillygas said...

Hamp, you're giving Bobo too much credit! I hope they try some of this, but based on last week, it's doubtful!

Anonymous said...

I've said this for years, Richt & Bobo desperately need to take a PR class or just shut up all together. And that goes double for our players on twitter as well.

Headed to Athens today fully expecting Spurrier to hit the gas and not let up. I won't be shocked if they hang 50 on us.

Amanda said...

It's better to have Insanity for each games just to be fair.. amanda vanderpool model