Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hamp's Humpday Derivations

Before we get into the derivations... enjoy Galactic's live performance of "Hamp's Hump". If you have never seen Galactic play, then do yourself a favor and check them out the next time they come to a city near you. Great shows every time! Drummer Stanton Moore is fun to watch and is probably the best funk drummer on the planet.

Last Thursday I stated that the Dawgs would win big against Coastal Carolina, Ole Miss and Miss State. Nothing happened last weekend to give me cause to reconsider this prediction. The Georgia blowout of Coastal Carolina was expected and since I didn't see the game or the replay, I can't offer much other than it looks like Tavarres King is out of his slump, the defense smothered the Chanticleers but did not register a sack with 26 pass attempts, Baccari Rambo had another nice game and we avoided losing another inside linebacker.

Meanwhile, over in Nashville, Vanderbilt sledge-hammered the Ole Miss Rebels. The 'Dores led the Rebels 30-0 with less than 3 minutes to play when Ole Miss finally scored. Here is what sticks out from this game: Vandy rushed for nearly 300 yards and passed for 100. Ole Miss QB Zack Stoudt threw 5 interceptions on 26 attempts. He barely completed more than that to his own team. Quincy Carter was impressed with that performance. The Rebs also yielded over 400 yards of offense to the SIU Salukis a week ago. This is a very bad Ole Miss football team and Georgia will show them no quarter. Forget about the several narrow victories or even the losses you remember seeing in Oxford. The Dawgs are knocking and in Oxford... they are kicking the door in. If Mark Richt's seat is hot, poor Houston Nutt is sitting on a blast furnace. He may get relieved before sunset Saturday after the Dawgs flay what is left of the Rebel Bear.

Is he waving goodbye to crazy eyes?

I made the trip to Columbia to watch Navy play South Carolina. For the second consecutive week, I saw one of my Alma Maters lose to the Gamecocks late in the game by 3 points. Yet, in both cases, I was proud of my football team. Navy put a serious scare into the crowd at Williams-Brice Stadium Saturday night. The 4th quarter began with Navy leading 21-17. SC marched down with Lattimore and Jefferey to score a TD and took a 24-21 lead with about 4 minutes remaining. At that point, I guarantee you, every Gamecock fan was worried that Navy might drive the field, eat the clock and score a game-winning TD. It didn't work out that way as SC put about 17 men on defense and they all blitzed every gap and stopped Navy before midfield. Unfortunately, Navy just missed on a play-action pass to the full back that would have gone for a big gain. Still, SC held on but Navy showed that they are team that can play with almost anyone. I honestly believe that this may be the best Navy team in many years. They hung with SC even without their best running back who broke his arm the week before. I am looking forward to these Middies going on to register an excellent season. On the other hand, South Carolina showed again that their fortunes completely ride on the health of Marcus Lattimore. With him, they may easily win the SEC East. Without him, see 2009.

A word on the RV Lot at Williams-Brice. Kudos to the SC fans for welcoming a bunch of Navy guys in style. I met about 6 of my Academy buddies and one of my former roommates in the Navy who was a SC grad. We tailgated with a retired Navy Supply Officer who was also a SC grad who had a 40' RV with all the accoutrements, including the 50" flat screen tv in the side with a satellite dish. slabs of ribs came of the smoker and brats from the grill. We had a fantastic time tailgating with these fine folks before and after the game. For an off-campus stadium, the huge RV lot is one thoroughly redeeming quality.

In the Auburn v. Auburn with a Lake contest, the horse shoe in Gene Chizik's ass finally dislodged and the Auburn sans Lac finally dropped a game. It won't be their last.

The Meteor Game in the Swamp... I watched some of this game and I formed few, if any, strong opinions of either team. About all I came away with is that Rainey is fast and pretty much all of the Florida offense at this point. It is a shame that UT lost their biggest playmaker, Justin Hunter, to an ACL injury. We will see how they respond in the next couple of weeks before the Dawgs invade Tennessee to defend our Tennessee State Championship.

This is all for now.

Go Dawgs! GATA!

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