Monday, September 05, 2011

A Handful of Positives

The Boise game is over and we lost to a better team and we showed a frustrating inability to make in-game adjustments and a baffling distrust of going back to plays that worked. But, there were a few positives that I would like to mention before moving on to the more important task of hating South Carolina and Steve Spurrier.

- We had three long touchdowns and none were nullified by a taunting or excessive celebration penalty. That is not insignificant and may be a sign that in addition to having no arrests in the off-season, we may see more personal discipline on the field. We had 7 penalties for 50 yards, which is not terrible.

- Boise State had no plays greater than 20 yards. If you have watched many Boise games in the past few years, big plays are a staple of their game. Of course, missing the NFL departees (Young and Pettis) and the Dutchman were part of the reason, but still... our corners and safeties took away the deep ball. Now, let's shore up the soft underbelly.

- Malcolm Mitchell and Brandon Boykin have jetpacks in their cleats. Now we just need to get them the football more often.

- Aaron Murray survived with his health despite being sacked 6 times and pretty much being on the run the entire night. (See how I turned the poor play of our porous offensive line into a postive? Lemons/lemonade.)

- Drew Butler averaged 47.8 yards on 5 punts.

- Third down defense. We held Boise to 4 of 12 of third down. I don't have the stats on the YTG on those conversions.

- The Nike Pro Combat Uniforms. How is this a positive? We NEVER have to see them again.

There you have it Dawgs, a handful of positives. Now stay positive and let's get after Sackerlina and make Spurrier throw his visor so often that his rotator cuff falls off.


JenniferfromLaJolla said...

I like that your glass is half full, Hamp. Is that an IPA or a stout you are drinking? And, do you want to share?

MikeInValdosta said...

Let's start hating.

Hunker Down said...

Jennifer... I would have to say that I didn't finish the tall glass of Kool Aid from the pre-season. So I have half a glass of Kool Aid left. After that... it's onto to some high quality IPA.