Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kicking a Rebel Bear in the Nutt

I have settled on a catch phrase for these 2011 Dawgs and it is this... These Dawgs are knockin' and you know they're coming in. It is understandable that everyone would temper their enthusiasm after the 59-0 thrashing of the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. But, my enthusiasm for what I believe this Georgia team will do began in the 4th quarter of the South Carolina game. On Saturday, the Dawgs are going to woodshed the Rebel Bears. The Dawgs will jump on them early, push the accelerator to the floor and ignite the fuse under the powder keg Houston Nutt is sitting on. In 2007 the Dawgs beat Ole Miss by 32 points in Athens. Saturday, we will beat them by 32 or more points in Oxford, which will be the largest margin of victory ever for Georgia in that venue.

The Dawgs will easily eclipse 400 yards of offense and may exceed 500 yards. We will go over 200 yards rushing for the first time since the Vanderbilt game last season. I just feel that our team has been forged under pressure and heat in the first two games and is now hardened for the battle and talented enough to explode on what is a fairly miserable Ole Miss football team. Barring a barrage of turnovers, our offense will move the ball with relative ease on this Rebel defense. One thing that will make it easier for our offense will be the fact that our defense will dominate the Ole Miss offense and give our offense more chances to score than we have seen against an SEC foe in a long time. You may think I am crazy, but I will be surprised if the Dawgs win by less than 20 points but I fully expect them to win by 32 or more. For this to happen, here are the keys to the game:

- Murray must complete 66% or more of his passes with no more than 1 interception.
- Crowell must touch the ball at least 25 times.
- Georgia must convert 50% or better on 3rd and 4th down.
- The Georgia defense must hold them to 30% or less on 3rd down conversion.
- Georgia must not lose the turnover battle.
- Georgia must have more sacks than Ole Miss.
- Blair Walsh can't miss any field goals under 45 yards.

I expect the Dawgs to cash in on all of the above keys and when they do, look for the score to be around 45 - 10.

I do not advise you to attempt the Hunker Down Beer Challenge this week if you have anything to do on Saturday night.


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Amanda said...

I just feel that the team has been forged under pressure. Amanda Vanderpool CEO