Monday, September 01, 2008


Tailgating by Tate Center. Annie, Hamp, Hampton

Photo Op with Big Dawg.

From Section 127, Row 53.

This was the first time my children have been inside the stadium. We drove up from Amelia Island to Douglas on Friday evening to stay at my parents' house. Saturday morning, we left at 6:00 am with my parents to drive hard to try and make it for the Dawg Walk. We made it. Then we got inside the stadium early and watched the UGAVI tribute and UGAVII debut. The kids enjoyed it all. Despite the heat, they hung in there all the way to the end. They were troopers.


Ally said...

My gosh, your son is the spitting image of you and your daughter is beautiful! You're very blessed Hamp.

Great pics - hope they had a great time at the game.

Hunker Down said...


Thank you for the kind compliments. I agree that I am very blessed. They had a great time at the game. Annie now says she wants to be a Georgia cheerleader. Of course Hampton is going to play football at Georgia. I thought he looked more like Matthew Stafford than me, but maybe you are right. ;>)

Momma had a great weekend too back on Amelia Island as she completed her first adventure race - a 10 hour race that included trekking, biking and kayaking. Her two-woman team was the first place all-female team, so they got a trophy. Yay! And then she was free to recover, rest and sleep without having to take care of the rest of us since we stayed in Douglas until Monday.