Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hey Clawson, Run the Damn Ball

I enjoyed the Tennessee - UCLA game Monday night and was duly impressed with how Rick Neuheisel and Norm Chow handled a quarterback who tossed four balls to Tennessee in the first half only to turn it around and post an 18 for 25 second half and the victory.

On the other hand, I was embarassed for the new UT Offensive Coordinator Dave Clawson who was too busy trying to be flashy and mix things up to even notice that his tailbacks were averaging 6 yards per carry. I was pretty good at math in school, but even for those who are mathematically challenged, it should be obvious that when you average 6 yards per carry you keep running the freaking ball.

But Clawson had much to prove on this night, his first on the big stage of Division One football. He wanted the world to see his innovative "Clawfense" in action. Apparently, the secret to the "Clawfense" is to gain 6 yards rushing on first down, then throw two incomplete passes and finish the possession either punting, having a punt blocked, or missing a field goal. Imagine how much easier it would have been to just keep pounding the football with his big, strong, quick tailbacks. I was astonished at how he kept stubbornly trying to pass when running the football was easy and obvious. What a dipshit. He cost his team this game.

If I was a Vol fan, I would be extremely pissed off at this grossly ineffective job of coaching.

That is all.


BulldawgJosh said...

You have definitely figured out the "Clawfense". It's such a strikingly different approach than UT's previous offense of run, run, pass for no gain, punt.

Scott said...

Amen, brother...UT lost that game in the FIRST half, not the second. Four turnovers, and all you can squeeze out is 7 offensive points? By just simply running Hardesty and Foster, I would think they could have increased that output, as well as beating the UCLA defenders into submission.