Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TAILGATING 9/20/2008: Compare and Contrast


When I learned that UGA was going to play in Tempe, I could not wait to make the trip. But, as it turns out, my 20 Year Reunion at the Naval Academy is the same weekend. So my wife and I are headed to Annapolis for a nice get away and to see some old friends that I haven't seen in 5, 10, 15 or more years. Navy is playing Rutgers and will probably have trouble finding a way to win. But, needless to say, my true football passion will be a few thousand miles to the west. However, I will have a serious leg up on all you Dawgs going out and attempting to tailgate in Tempe for the 3 hour maximum allowed by law. Your temperatures will be soaring near 100 degress. And, if I am not mistaken, liquor is verboten on University property. In extreme contrast to that program, check out our reunion tailgate set-up:

See the gold rectangle to the far right that says '53 Pavillion? That is our reserved tailgate area which also happens to be located INSIDE the stadium. It sits on top of a hill and overlooks the endzone. It is covered, has restrooms and plenty of space to set up tables of food. Seating is located just below the Pavillion on the hill. In the picture below, you can see the Pavillion at the bottom of the image where the blue scoreboard is seen.

From our Class President, Tucker Hite:
"Join us INSIDE the stadium next to the '53 pavillion in the area called the Northeast Ring. The tailgate is being catered by Bo Brooks. Just a hint of what you can look forward to includes Hot Pit Beef, Grilled Chicken, Maryland Crab Soup, and best of all the Eastern Shore Raw Bar with Maryland oysters and clams (shucked to order) and tender steamed shrimp. And if that wasn't enough, to top it all off you can indulge in Bo Brooks Famous Nutty Buddies. Of course if there's any time left you can watch the game in our reserved 1988 section right in front of the pavillion. Beer and Wine included." The tailgate opens at 12:30 and ends shortly after the game - which should be about 7:30... just in time for me to find a TV tuned into ABC.

Oh, and the best part may be this... the temperature is not supposed to be higher than 72 degrees. So, while my thoughts will certainly be on what is happening in Tempe starting at 8:00 pm EST, I am feeling pretty good about how we will spend the 8 hours leading up to kick off at Sun Devil Stadium.



Mackalicious said...

Now THAT sounds badass! I'm jealous but will still make the same joke The Kimmer repeated for years about the Marines being a department of The Navy...the men's department.

Note: I have no right to make that joke, I just always thought it was funny. Thanks for your service Hamp, I'll do an extra shooter in your honor Saturday.

Hunker Down said...


That is a good joke. But I took the career path of a true warrior by joining the select and elite Navy Supply Corps. It was a selfless move putting country first that required 7 months of arduous duty in Athens, GA at the only Navy school that is reputed as being as tough as BUDS. Not all are familiar with "The Other Hell Week" because, like SEALS, Supply Officers don't brag. Monday nights at The Boars Head, Tuesday nights at TK Harty's Zoo Night, Wednesday nights at Allen's to see Normaltown Flyers, Thursday nights at The Odyssey, Friday nights at The Uptown Lounge, and Saturday nights at Harry Bissetts.* All of this while rising early to attend 7 hours of classes starting at 7:45 am then followed by intramural softball with mandatory beers in the dugout. At the Navy Supply Corps School we earned our Pork Chops of gold. Fortunately for me, I was in Athens for Dooley's final season. Then I came back as an instructor in 1992 and started law school in 1993. Altogether, I pulled 5 years in Athens as a single man.

In between stays in Athens, I was on an amphibious assault ship in San Diego and we took 1200 Marines to the Persian Gulf during Desert Shield and Storm. I fed them, paid them and stocked the retail store for them so they have something to do to beat the boredom. The Marines loved me. Oh yeah, almost forgot, San Diego didn't suck either.

*Note that most of the 1988 drinking establishments are either gone or have moved to new locations. Good times. Good memories.

Ally said...


That sounds awesome! I hope you and your wife have a blast and congratulations on your 20 year reunion. Those that are accepted in the Naval Academy are special. Those that graduate are extraordinary. Kudos to you & your class! And thank you for your service as well.

Btw, Rutgers sux this year. I'll take Navy in the upset. I just thought of something, as a Navy grad you had to have been a fan of Paul Johnson, right? Ugh.

Safe travels!

Hunker Down said...


Was a fan of Paul Johnson when he was Navy OC back in 1997 when they beat Tech in Atlanta. Was a fan of Paul Johnson when he was at GSU. Was a fan when he returned to Navy as Head Coach. Not a fan anymore.

And thanks for the compliments. A lot of people could have done it, but they would have to be gluttons for punishment to a certain extent.