Friday, September 05, 2008

UGA vs Non-SEC Competition

Quick, excluding bowl games, name all the teams UGA has lost to outside of the SEC from 1998-2007. Well, it depends on if you count them or not, but the only team UGA has lost to is Ga. Tech. This happened three times (1998, 1999, 2000) and we all know that two of those three were gifts from the referees. Some, to poke fun at the Nerds, say that those three games do not count because Tech got forced to forfeit all of those wins for using academically ineligible players. But, that is not the point of this discussion.

ESPN's Thomas Nuemann reports on a study of BCS teams out-of-conference scheduling and the thing shows that UGA ranked 24 out of 60 in percentage of OOC games against BCS schools.

Here is the line for UGA...

Team Nonconf. games Nonconf. BCS Rec. vs. I-A non-BCS Rec. vs. I-AA Pct. of gms. vs. BCS
24. Georgia 34 11-3 (.786) 15-0 (1.000) 5-0 (1.000) .412

Note that we are 31-3 OOC during this 10 year stretch. The study did not count Bowl games because the teams do not pick their opponents. UGA is 8-2 in bowl games during that stretch.

There is some interesting information in the series of reports from the study if you care to look at who plays the most cupcakes, who has the biggest balls and who you should not play unless your big balls can be backed up by a good team.

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