Friday, September 26, 2008


Normally, when I travel I have my laptop and can keep up with reading all the good blogs and finding material to rip off for posting on this blog. But, since Thursday of the week prior, I have been mostly on the road and mostly without a working laptop. The old laptop became too prone to blue screens so it has been replaced faster than a Spurrier quarterback. I am now breaking in a new Dell Latitude E6500 - as of today.

TO catch up briefly with the goings on... Leslie and I had a great trip to Annapolis for my 20th Reunion and the Middies beat Rutgers to make it even better. The tailgate set-up inside the stadium was fantastic and I highly recommend it for all future football tailgates... whenever practicable. After the game I found a bar to watch most of the Georgia game, but did not see all of it. I saw the replay Monday night and then was on the road again Tuesday for Seattle and Vancouver. Cold and rainy! Got back last night at 1:00 am and was shocked to discover that USC had tubed it against Oregon State. While that gives a few other teams some room for error, the Trojans can still wind up in the title game if they don't lose again. I had previously thought that they had the best chance to finsih undefeated. Now, out of all of the BCS teams, maybe Oklahoma has the best chance but I now think that none will be undefeated. BYU might stay undefeated but so what? I now expect the MNC game to feature two conference champs with one loss apiece. I think this development helps Georgia - assuming of course, that we win. Speaking of winning, my UGA-Bama prediction is next.

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