Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'll be brief... ***UPDATED***

Georgia will score a bunch of points. Georgia Southern will not score very many points. DAWGS will win 48 - 7.

Defensive Goals:
  • Hold GSU to less than 50 yards per quarter - at least up until we play all of the guys who will not be listed in our programs. Half way through the third quarter, GSU was scoreless and had right at 100 yards. After that point, they scored three times and rolled up 190 yards in the final 22 minutes. So I think our top defenders held them under 50 yards per quarter on average.
  • 6 or more sacks. We had three. Lots of QB hurries but the mobility of the GSU QBs allowed them to avoid the sack a few times.
  • 2 interceptions. We had one (Ellerbe) and Reshad Jones dropped a sure pick.
Offensive goals:

250 yards rushing. We had 212 and came up a bit short.
250 yards passing. We had 323.
No fumbles. We put two on the ground and lost one.
No interceptions from Stafford. No interceptions.
No sacks. There was one sack that I thought was Stafford's fault because he seemed to have time to throw it away. But, on a different play he also deftly sidestepped a blitzing LB to avoid getting crushed.


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