Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Wife is a BEAR

Beach Extreme Adventure Race, 8/31/08

Carlin and Leslie

Last weekend, while the kids and I headed to Athens for the season opener, Leslie prepared for her first adventure race that took place in Jacksonville on Sunday. The BEAR was a 10 hour race that included trekking, kayaking, swimming, biking, climbing and other challenges. She and her teammate Carlin were the first all-female team to cross the finish line. According to Leslie, the hardest part was rowing an ocean kayak 12 miles in rough water. But the worst part was wading and swimming through the tea-colored water of the St. Johns River and surrounding marshes. This took a lot of courage for someone deathly afraid of snakes and every time the stems of lily pads wrapped around her leg he she had to reassure herself that it is was not a cluster of water mocassins. Eewwww!

Leslie in the white hat.

I am proud of her accomplishment and look forward to doing one of these races with her in the future. Way to go Leslie and Carlin!

Here is a post on the Crossfit Amelia Island Blog with more details about the race.

Leslie and Carlin at the end of the swim.

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