Friday, September 12, 2008

FOOTIE PICKER Weekend of 9/13

My highly unreliable picks are in Bold and Gold…


SOUTH FLORIDA 4 Kansas YEP - barely


DUKE 1.5 Navy (C’mon Middies – make me pay) YEP, unfortunately
Auburn 10.5 MISS STATE (Will Auburn get Croomed again?) NOPE
TEXAS 24 Arkansas Postponed
Georgia 7 SOUTH CAROLINA (Dawgs win B-I-G) PUSH - though I was wrong anyway
Wisconsin 1 FRESNO STATE (The other Dawgs get it done as well) NOPE - sadly
Michigan 1.5 NOTRE DAME (You can’t win with Jimmy Clausen) NOPE, Holy Crap Blue, you really suck.
VIRGINIA TECH 7.5 Georgia Tech (Toughest pick of the week) NOPE, VT wins without the cover.
CLEMSON 18.5 NC State (Rebound game – sorry Wolfpack) NOPE, missed by 1/2 a point.
California 14 MARYLAND (Am I missing something on this line?) NOPE, yeah I missed several memos on this one!
UCONN 10.5 Virginia (UVA loses but covers) NOPE you cannot even imagine how terrible UVA is.
Oklahoma 20 WASHINGTON (Locker still reeling about celebration) YEP, this one seemed too easy.
SOUTHERN CAL 10 Ohio State (Ho hum, another beat down for tOSU) YEP and not surprised

Last week was an unimpressive 5-7. On the year: 10-15. This week 5-7-1. Consistently averaging 5 correct picks per week!


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