Friday, September 26, 2008


Last week, I correctly picked the margin of victory at 17 points. That was pure luck, because it should have been more like 24-27 points. Nevertheless, I overestimated our offensive output a little and underestimated our defense a bunch. Let's try again, shall we?

I am more worried about this game than any game thus far. Though history says I should always worry about the SCar game - I just didn't
anyway. But this game worries me because we still aren't quite firing on all cylinders on offense because of the young and reshuffled o-line and the absence of Southerland. Alabama is extremely confident and they have more than enough talent to take this game. But, we are playing the "Blackout" card and that means we, the fans, will be in a crazed mood by gametime and that will be enough to see our Dawgs to victory. Assuming, of course, that we outscore Alabama. That is what has made our previous two Blackouts so successful... we outscored Auburn and Hawaii. So, how do we outscore Alabama?

Against Bama, the yards on the ground will come with much more difficulty but we will be able to compensate by passing for chunks. Moreno will not reach 100 yards and we will rush for less than 140 yards. But, Stafford and our fleet of receivers will pick up the slack. Stafford will throw for just under 300 yards - say 288ish. MoMass will be around 100 and AJ Greene will be around 100. Moreno will also be around 50. Fly routes, out routes, screens and a possible halfback option pass (or flea flicker from Moreno back to Stafford) will be on the menu.

On defense, we will gear up to stop their potent running attack and force John Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Parker Wilson to try and beat us. To that end, he will have a decent day with underneath dink and dunk stuff courtesy of a frustrating, but ultimately successful bend but don't break philosophy. Bama will run for about 140 yards and throw for around 225. But, we will keep them out of the end zone and force field goal tries just enough to slip past them. The more pressure we put on JPW, the larger will be our margin of victory.

Despite our woes on kickoff coverage, look for our kick return team to do something special in this game.

HDD PREDICTION: DAWGS 27 - Alabama 19.

By the way... if the Dawgs happen to go off like a powder keg and light up Bama like a Chinese holiday, then ESPN and all the other wankers will shift the football fellate fest to our beloved team now that the USC Trojans have fallen. Be prepared, because it is coming. Pun intended.



Anonymous said...

Not quite accurate Hamp, but no one saw this coming. We could have made this an all-time great day in Athens but instead it became one of the worst. It's hard to believe that we looked as poor as we did. At least we didn't quit.

Ally said...

Worst game ever. Worst first half of football I've ever witnessed. I'm just heartsick.

Congrats to you for the Navy win though.

Hunker Down said...

Sucked a big one. I guess I had reason to be worried about this one. I wish it had been otherwise. But I had a 6 hour car ride today to make the transition from "What happened?" to "What now?" I will post my thoughts on "What Now?" later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Ditto - Go Navy. Look forward to your comments on what you saw. Let me say this, our injuries are a legitimate problem now. I haven't seen our team this overmatched since UT 1998. No, not Purdue in 2000, not LSU '03, not WVa '05, and not UT '06 and '07.

I would like you thoughts on why we tend to lay these huge eggs each year. Perhaps other teams do the same, but I don't sense that it the case.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck on the Half race this coming weekend! You will kick ass! Good to see you at the reunion.

Hunker Down said...

Thanks Monty. I am in full taper mode this week. Can't wait to get it on!