Wednesday, October 28, 2009



It’s Cocktail Party Time! Worked hard on the front end of this week and now I am Cocktail Partying on through Halloween. Got my homie Whit Yates rolling in Thursday afternoon and will be hitting Karibrew for some microbrews. Fishing Friday at the end of the jetties for some bull reds. Any idea what we should do Saturday?

Last year I spent about a week doing statistical analysis for this game and had myself convinced that we were going to spank them Gators. Clearly that did not work out well. This year… not doing one nanosecond of analysis. Not going to talk about what we need to do. Not going to look at the keys to the game. Not going to fantasize about a win in Jacksonville. Our team is more of a mystery to me than how the show Becker stayed on the air for so many years. All I know for sure is AJ Green, Rennie Curran and Drew Butler. After that, it is chaos clear as a baby diaper filled with Indian food. If we win, the Gators can suck it. If we lose, the Gators can still suck it. Like Gretchen Wilson sings... we are "Here for the party.”

Yates and I will drive down to the Talleyrand Lot around 11:00 am and will tailgate with some fine Douglas folks for a while and then will do our pilgrimage over to a Fernandina tailgate that is about 70% Gator – but tolerable Gators (I know that is an oxymoron.) Not sure what poison I should pick. The past two years it has been Hendrick’s, tonic and lime. That elixir did the job in 2007 but fell short in 2008. Wondering if I ought to try something new. I might try to see the green fairy – for something different. I have eschewed brown liquor on game day on account of its propensity to cause acute memory loss. Any suggestions?

If any of my four readers are on Amelia Island for the weekend and have any questions about the wheres and the what-fors, shoot me an email and I will try to help ya out.


Anonymous said...

Grey Goose, sprite and lime. Get 'er done!!!!!!
Also, Mr. Pulpwood usually shows up on Thursday. I am anxous to hear his thoughts on this game. So our my Big 12 friends to whom I send his link. They want a Pulpwood for their schools (OU and TX) but they just don't have one. Tell Pulpwood that imitaion is the sincerest form of flattery and some Big 12 boys love him.

I spent some time with your Douglas friends on St. Simons at the annual workers comp seminar. Good boys who really know how to cook BBQ. Go Dawgs!!!!

Emerson113 said...

i think you have the best possible attitude a Dog fan could have at the moment. Have a great time and hope for the best. Go DOGS!!

Anonymous said...

Go for the brown liquor because acute memory loss may be just what the doctor ordered. Hell, you can set the DVR and if Old Lady Luck shines her countenance upon us, you can watch it sober later. Start with Makers and ginger. Work your way down to Evan Williams green label from the plastic bottle. That should do the trick. Go Dawgs!

Hunker Down said...

I gotta say, that is a decent plea for brown liquor.