Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Problem that is Simple to Fix

The driving without a license or suspended license problem is so amazingly simple to fix that I can't imagine why it has plagued us for years. Here is the solution: Find a student-intern who wants to work with the athletic department. His or her job will be to check on a daily basis to ensure that all of our scholarship players and any non-scholarship players who contribute on Saturdays are licensed and in good standing with the DMV. I am no Nick Saban, but I think we can only have 85 players on scholarship. Add a few non-scholly contributors and we are talking about no more than 95 players.

The student-intern will have a list of the players names and DL #'s. On a daily basis, this person will confirm that the DL#s on the list are in good standing with the DMV. How will he/she do this? I am not certain, but either through cooperation with the DMV or through the same means that any PI can get this same information on you if they have your name and address. One way or another, the information is available. Have every player sign a power of attorney that gives the athletic department the authority to collect this information at any time. When a player's license gets suspended because they did not pay a speeding ticket in Henry County, then the coaches pull the player aside, ask him for his keys and impound his vehicle/scooter until the license is back in good standing.

Next problem?


MikeInValdosta said...

No, would you please solve the plethora of problems our defense has.

If time permits, give the offensive line a look see.

Please hurry, only 49 hours allotted to these assignments.

Hunker Down said...

Mike, this is easy..

Defense... Start Rambo, rush 5 men, and double the tight end.

Offensive line... Let your balls drop and knock somebody on their ass. Repeat.