Friday, October 30, 2009

Breaking News... Is Brandon Spikes Eligible?


I considered sitting on this story until after the game, but I was afraid of being scooped. There is a possibility that the Gators, should they win the game on the field, will have to forfeit anyway if their star linebacker plays. This is unconfirmed but Brandon Spikes may have exhausted his collegiate eligibility. Apparently, the 6'3" - 250lb linebacker began his NCAA football career in 1993 at Bethune-Cookman and played under the name Kevin Ferguson. Ferguson then left Bethune-Cookman for the University of Miami and later tried out for the Miami Dolphins in 1997. Ferguson then entered the mixed martial arts arena fighting under the alias Kimbo Slice (pictured below.)

It is unclear how Ferguson-Slice-Spikes has managed to play football at the University of Florida while also competing on the MMA circuit, but to his credit, he has excelled at both.

What is clear however, is that once the NCAA unravels this tale of alternative identities, the fraudulent charade will be over for the 35 year old linebacker.

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