Tuesday, October 06, 2009

AJ Green: He's Been There Before

There is an old saying about touchdown reactions that I have heard attributed to both Bear Bryant and Joe Paterno. I don't know who deserves the credit, but the saying is, "Act like you have been there before." If you want to teach kids how to "Act like you have been there before"... I submit this video as the perfect training tool.

Never mind that biased, unprofessional SEC referees utterly devoid of any personal integrity determined that AJ Green's actions were unsportsmanlike and illustrative of a player intentionally drawing attention to himself. If leaping three feet off the ground to snatch a touchdown on the sideline while exercising tremendous body control to ensure that you land with a foot in bounds is intentionally drawing attention to yourself, then AJ Green clearly violated the rule and has been doing so for his entire career.

Hey chief SEC Officials asshole, Rogers Redding, Georgia Tech man, here is your "teachable moment" you unethical scumbag.

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