Friday, October 26, 2007

To remain consistent, here I go...


Purely a law of averages would dictate that at some point, a lesser Georgia team can beat a better Florida team. God knows that 3 of Florida's last 4 wins represented a lesser team beating the better team. At some point in this game, we are bound to make the big catches and not be stricken by a plague of dropsies. There is no overriding reason that this cannot be the year.

So, how can Georgia win this game? The Dawgs must establish a running game. There is no way for us to win without a solid ground game. I guess at least 150 yards rushing will be the minimum threshold. I think that it will be a tall order to expect Knowshon Moreno to tote the ball 30+ times to reach these numbers. But, I don't think Brannan Southerland and Jason Johnson can contribute enough to get us there. So that can only mean one thing... CALEB KING. I am not sure I like the idea, but I cannot see us winning this game without running consistently and I can't see us running consistently with only one back. Now, the flip side of this position is that if we can't gain any yardage on the first 20 carries, then we will be way behind and there will be no need to activate King. So, as you watch this game, if we are having some success on the ground and are either ahead or within one score of the Gators, expect us to keep running the ball and if we keep running the ball, that means King gets in the game in the second half.

I am not advocating that we don't try throwing over the top, since the Florida secondary is its weakest link. The problem is that other than two long balls to Demiko Goodman, we have been terrible in this department. So, fortunately for Florida, we may be totally incapable of exploiting there only significant weakness. Even if we are bad at throwing deep, if we are to win tomorrow, we must hit at least one deep ball in the first half. Maybe even on the first drive. Doing so would help tremendously on getting the ground game established.

Also, in our passing game, we need to use the middle of the field. Give the ball to Mohamed Massaquoi across the middle and use the tight ends for first downs.

As for our defense, I have already proposed using Marcus Howard as a spy. It won't happen. But anyway, in order to win, our defense needs to be on the sideline more often than not. While on the field, they just need to play hard, play fast and play smart. Yeah, I'm asking a lot and I'm asking for something we haven't seen much of this season. Maybe the Alabama game. Florida will move the ball and they will score. But if our guys start out with intensity and keep the intensity and work hard to be in the right place and make tackles, then they will get the Gators off the field enough to give our offense a chance. I really worry about the reverses to Harvin or Caldwell because we are terrible against misdirection. Hopefully we have worked on that for the past two weeks.

We need a major push up the middle from our tackles and our ends need to get off blocks quickly. Our linebackers must diagram plays accurately and also must get off of blocks. I think they are capable of doing this, but the key is that they must do it on every snap and that takes tremendous effort. Matt Ryan - throwing up Gatorade after single-handedly saving your team's bacon - type effort. If our front seven have the balls and the determination to give that kind of effort, then we have a chance. Again, the key is that this level of focus and effort must be there for EVERY SNAP. If they coast on any single snap, it could easily be 6 points for Florida. If we get this kind of effort from the front seven, then the backfield can take care of their business well enough for us to win.

Special teams? The bad news: Florida's kick returner Brandon James is a burner and is a real threat every time we kick off. The good news: If he gets more than one chance, then we are scoring points. I hope he gets lots of opportunities. In the punting game, Florida has only had two punts returned for any yardage and those were both last week. We have Mikey Henderson returning from a hamstring issue and I am not sure if he is 100%. Even if he is, I would not look for this to be the game, even though I always say it is not a matter of if, it is a question of when. We should have an edge in the placekicking department, but we always seem to miss field goal tries in Jacksonville, so I would not count on Brandon Coutu to have a big day.

In the end, we need a huge performance from Moreno, a sound performance from Stafford and a superhuman effort from our defensive front seven. When we get all of these things, we will win. GEORGIA 28 - Florida 24.




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