Monday, October 01, 2007


These are the games I have to pick. I have not even looked at it yet, but I do not think it is possible for me to do worse than last week.




ILLINOIS 2.5 Wisconsin
RUTGERS 3 Cincinnati
AUBURN 9 Vanderbilt
CLEMSON 5 Virginia Tech
*Oklahoma 10 Texas
MISSOURI 7 Nebraska
TENNESSEE 1.5 Georgia
ALABAMA 12 Houston
Georgia Tech 2.5 MARYLAND
LSU 8 Florida
Ohio State 6 PURDUE
Virginia 10.5 MIDDLE TENN. STATE

*The Red River Shootout is played in Dallas.

Anyone who places any stock in my picks, is going to go hungry for awhile. Last week: 3-12. For the year: 29-40.


Ally said...

You think SCUm is gonna beat UK? I'm calling upset on this one. Even with SCUm's defense against the pass, I think Kentucky wins by 10.
Bold I know, but I hate SCUm with passion.
Like your site, btw.
Go Dawgs!

Hunker Down said...

I am pretty confident that Kentucky will score over 20 points against the Cocks (which is better than we did :(

And, with the continued semi-sluggish Cock n Misfire offense, I feel like the Cocks will not keep pace. But I don't think it will be by the wide margin you predict. So, I will pick UK to cover and I think they will win outright in a close game decided by 7 points or less.

Now that I have made that case, I should just go ahead and pick SC because if I had picked the opposite of my leanings last week, I would have been 12-3 instead of 3-12. So what the hell do I know.

Thanks for your nice comment. I hope you will check back. I try to post one or two Dawg-related tidbits daily.


Ally said...

LOL! The reasonable side of me agrees with your logic. However my deep hatred of all things SCUm prevents me from taking the lamecocks in my pick 'em league.
So, if I'm wrong, I'll post back on Friday to take my lumps.
In other news, I saw where UcheaT is favored over us by 2.5 pts. Is that what you have? I'm okay with that - I think we play better as the underdog. At least that's what I'm banking on.
Go Dawgs!

Hunker Down said...


You and I will both be picking Kentucky because they are the dog. We only differ in what we each expect to be the margin of victory.

And yes, I am looking at aUT giving us 2.5 points. Glad to get the points and expecting us to win regardless. I like us being the underdog on the road. That has been a good formula during CMR's tenure. We need to run the ball well and if we do, we will win.

Hey. I checked out your blog today and enjoyed it. I will be checking it regularly. Keep up the good work.

Ally said...


Thanks for visiting my site & for leaving a comment!

I appreciate you adding me to your blogroll - hope you don't mind, but I returned the favor.

Go Dawgs!

Hunker Down said...

My pleasure. I never tire of reading Dawg related blogs! Typically, I spend so much time reading everyone elses blogs that I run out of time to write stuff in my own.

Ally said...

Sorry, it's tken me a couple of days to get over that game. Have I mentioned before how much I HATE the lamecocks???
You were right - I should've taken SC for the win in my pick 'em league. Ugh.
Living in SC is tough this year. Facing SCUm fans today after their convincing win and our ass-whipping yesterday is not something I'm looking forward to.
My head is spinning thinking about all of the problems we've got on both sides of the ball. Hell, now I'm scared of Troy!