Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Other than from Mark "Jabba the Hut" Mangino, Coach Richt receives their approval.

Mangino smugly said, "
At Oklahoma our tradition was to get dressed in the locker room, win the game, shower and go home." I guess he left out the part about eating two whole hogs, six chickens, a turkey, 103 Krystals, 7 Edwards Pies and four packs of Beech Nut. But at least he has the self-control to not encourage his players to celebrate excessively. And, to be fair, his team is 8-0, for now.

Nice F-bombs, Coach. You stay Classy, Lawrence.


911DOC said...

hello fellow dawgs. just wanted to let you know that in celebration of the JAX WLOCP victory a good friend of mine and i have printed up some "honk if you sacked tebow!" bumper stickers. we are hoping to fund a trip to the bowl game. if you are interested they are on ebay, search, 'honk tebow'.

don't mean to hijack your blog, come by mine and hijack it if you want. my link is good and i can promise you that i really am a bulldog and not some corporate type shilling for the man.

Hunker Down said...

Love the idea. I already linked to the Ebay item on Sunday. Check it out.


Ally said...

That's some tradition Mangino. You know what they say: those in glass houses...
Seriously, His self-righteous attitude is laughable at best. And citing the sooners as some sort of moral compas in college football damn near made me choke on my iced tea.
Great post Hamp, that was hysterical!

Hunker Down said...


Would you be referring to the Oklahoma from which Brian Bosworth was hatched and it did n't get much better under Stoops. See here...


Apparently, Mangino meant to say, "At Oklahoma our tradition was to get dressed in the locker room, win the game, shower, PAY THE PLAYERS, and go home."

Ally said...

Yes, exaclty - that's the Oklahoma to which I was referring.
Apparently his momma never told him about people in glass houses...