Saturday, October 13, 2007


Georgia has an opportunity to reverse its fortune and show that getting throttled on their first foray in the Volunteer State was an aberration. Georgia could win convincingly and at least temporarily assuage the doubts and concerns of the Dawgnation. Georgia could find an identity in Nashville that will define this team for the remainder of the season. But, alas, the Dawgs will struggle mightily to gain traction in this game and will narrowly escape a two game losing streak to the Commodores.

The trend for Georgia this season has been to stomp on the gas in odd numbered weeks and ride with the parking brake engaged on even numbered weeks. Scoring in regulation time 35, 12, 45, 17, 45, 14, and this week? To stay on trend, the Dawgs would need to score 35-45 points on a Vandy team only allowing an average of 14 points per game. Auburn scored 35 on Vanderbilt last weekend, but Auburn is surging and the Dawgs are ...? I really don't know. And that is the problem with this team. Nobody knows what we will get from week to week. The offense was anemic against UT and Stafford looked like a freshman again. The defense didn't even show up. Amid all of the excuses, the only thing that remains clear is that there is a lot of talent on both sides of the ball for Georgia, but it has not performed consistently. Maybe this team can find its identity in Jacksonville (I am a dreamer, see the Shakespeare quote at the bottom of my Blog,) but it won't happen in Nashville.

On offense, the Dawgs will look beautiful on their opening drive and score a touchdown and will then go into a coma until the 4th quarter. Our defense will see Vandy dink and dunk the ball to backs out of the backfield and quick outs to Earl Bennett in between dragging the tight end across the middle. Unless oour linebackers can play 8 to 10 times better than they have recently, this VU gameplan will chew up yards, clock and will result in the Dawgs trailing 17-13 in latter part of the 4th quarter. A field goal will not help us, so we have to drive the length of the field getting a touchdown dive from Brannan Sutherland to save our hides. The DAWGS win 20-17, and come home to take a much-needed week off. At least that is how I see it. Load up on Maalox or Pepto this one will not be easy on the tummy.


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