Friday, October 12, 2007


I was delinquent in not celebrating on my Blog the Middies win over Pitt in the second OT Wednesday night by the final score 48-45. I loved that Mark May, noted Dawg hater and Pitt stalwart, was on the broadcast for the ill-fated 4th and goal call that sunk the Panthers. While he handled himself professionally, I know he was crying like a baby on the inside. HA!

Navy (4-2) is now in a good position to become bowl eligible, which would put them in the Bowl named for Ambassador Poinsett in San Diego. That is a sweet reward for the Blue and Gold. If these boys could win only two more games all season, please, please let it be against Notre Dame and Army. That would make this the sweetest Navy season of my lifetime - what with the losing to Notre Dame every year since JFK was President.

A note about the Pitt team... a great freshman tailback in LeSean McCoy and a very good freshman QB in Pat Bostick could have this team pushing their Big East mates in the next few years. Plus, the Wannstedt Stache is certain to bring them some good fortune at some point soon.

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