Friday, October 12, 2007


Two weeks ago, I declared that Thomas Brown was the Rock of our offense. Last week, I declared that perhaps Brandon Miller was ready to emerge as the Rock of our defense. Now, both are out with injuries. TB will be out 4-6 weeks while his broken collar bone heals. Brandon had a calf injury, but I don't know when he is expected back.

I hate to see Thomas Brown go down again. He plays full speed and is involved in many high impact collisions, so it is not surprising that he would be at risk. Coach Richt hinted that maybe Thomas hurt his collar bone in the Ole Miss game but did not tell anyone. He is so tough, that he would want to play through it without knowing the exact nature of the injury. We will miss him and I look forward to his return in time for the Tech game.

Brandon Miller went backwards last week. He had a tough time being where he needed to be to make plays. He is replaced this week by Akeem Dent, who played well in his only other start against WKU. Regardless of who we have in at linebacker, we need much more production and intensity from that position.

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