Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Now that one of my nurturing mothers (or if you prefer, Alma Maters) has slain its dragon, it is well past time for my other to summit its Everest. If you think the Dawgs have had a mostly disappointing experience with Florida since 1990, you can at least be thankful that it does not come close to matching the abominable losing streak Navy has against Notre Dame, which can end this year after 43 futile attempts. Of course this is Notre Dame's worst start in history, but Navy is plodding along at 4-4 with losses to Rutgers, Ball State, Wake Forest and Delaware. Navy's best wins were against Air Force and Pittsburgh. The game is in South Bend, so we will have to defeat the eleven in Notre Dame uniforms as well as the men in stripes. Navy's can't defend any pass whatsoever. If Notre Dame cannot pass whatsoever, then we may be in business. At a minimum, Navy will score dozens of points in this one.

So here is the bottom line for me... If Navy loses, I move on without much additional thought on the matter. If Navy wins, I suppose I will experience emotions heretofore unknown to me, being that I am only 41 years old. I will have my kids singing the Navy Blue and Gold with me either way.

Here is a little video to set the tone.


And while we are on the Real Men of Genius angle, check out this one - completely unrelated to the game.

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