Tuesday, October 23, 2007


In the Georgia-Florida game in 2002, undefeated Georgia lost to Florida and away went our possible shot at the national title. In that game, Terrence Edwards dropped a pass that looked like it was the game-tying touchdown. What followed by probably only small percentage of particularly nasty and idiotic fans was disgusting and embarrassing. Terrence Edwards mother heard such awful things from the seats around her that she had to be hospitalized overnight from some sort of panic attack symptoms. Terrence received threatening voicemails among whatever other ugly treatment he received. While the dropped pass was significant in that one game, Terrence's contributions in his four year career greatly outweighed that one play. As you know, Terrence ended his career as the most prolific receiver ever to wear the red and black.

Fortunately, a few good Dawgs over on the Dawg Vent, led by Ted Kohn of Tybee Island, collected enough money to post the pictured billboard in Terrence's hometown of Tennile, Georgia. Apparently, the billboard created the intended effect for Terrence and his family, which was show them that Real Dawg Fans loved Terrence Edwards and appreciated his contributions to our beloved football program.

After reading about the good feelings created with the Edwards family, I knew it might have been the best $25 check I ever mailed. But, I certainly hope we do not have a cause or need to repeat what happened in 2002. Here's to hoping for a flawless game for the Dawgs and miserable luck for the Gators!


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